Tips for Daily Gum Disease Prevention

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If you know someone who has experienced significant tooth loss, there’s a good chance they had developed gum disease. This gum infection has been linked to several dental issues and can significantly affect your oral health in time. We are here to help you avoid gum disease by providing helpful tips for daily preventive oral care.

The cause of gum disease is most often traced to plaque buildup that led to the development of gingivitis in the gums. What starts out as mild gum irritation can make the gum looks red and swollen and even cause tooth loss when it becomes harmful periodontitis.

We recommend you try the following techniques to avoid gum disease:

1. Keep up an effective oral hygiene routine every day to clear away plaque. This substance is rich in bacteria and needs to be removed by brushing twice a day, flossing every day and rinsing with mouthwash so that you don’t develop gum disease.

2. Schedule visits with the dentist every six months for professional dental cleanings to effectively prevent gum disease. The special tools and techniques used by the dental team can completely remove plaque and tartar, even below your gum line.

3. Eat healthy foods that are good for your gums and teeth as well as your physical body. Healthy food is full of nutrients that create strong teeth and help prevent gum disease and other oral problems. It’s important to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables and limit your intake of starch and sugar.

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