Prepare for a Gum Disease Checkup

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“I love chomping away at sugary foods, but I don’t like flossing my chompers: how can I prevent gum disease?” Short answer: you can’t. Unfortunately, gum disease is regularly a condition of our own makings. By eating and drinking sugary compounds, we put ourselves at risk of developing periodontal disease. To avoid it, you need to be brushing twice and flossing once a day. Here’s a few additional info you should be familiar with about periodontal disease.

To prep for an oral appointment concerning gum disease, make note of any of the periodontal disease symptoms you’ve been seeing, such as bleeding gums, and have this data along with your medical history available for your doctor. Be sure to note any medications you’re taking, as these can also contribute to the growth of gum disease. If you have any inquiries about oral hygiene habits or periodontal disease, be sure to jot them down so that Dr. Seth Rush can answer them.

You are perhaps susceptible to gum disease if you have a history of smoking or using tobacco; limit your usage or stop altogether to give your mouth the best possibility for a healthy recuperation from periodontal disease. Other risk factors include stress (which makes it difficult to battle off bacterial infections) and poor diets, such as those high in sugar and starchy foods, which cause plaque-accumulation.

At our office, we’re experts at working with gum disease here in Kansas City, Missouri. You can trust that when you’re working with Dr. Seth Rush and our team, you’re working with the greatest. If you haven’t scheduled your next appointment yet, give us a call at 816-444-8822 and we’ll get you penciled in.