Gum Disease Treatment Options

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Adults in America are greatly affected by gum disease. In most cases, the gum disease is mild. However, some cases are more severe. It’s important to treat gum disease early on. Otherwise it can progress and damage your gum tissue as well as cause tooth loss. By treating gum disease early on, you can reverse its effects and avoid it damaging your oral health.

Gum disease is best treated in its early stages by having a professional dental cleaning. Since plaque is the catalyst for gum disease, ridding yourself of it is the best treatment option to be cured of gum disease. Some instances of gum disease may require you receive more than two cleanings per year.

Sometimes a deeper cleaning is necessary depending on the progression of the gum disease. Sometimes a root planing or scaling treatment is needed. During a scaling, your dentist will clean under your gum line to get rid of plaque and tartar causing your gum disease. A root planing involves a doctor smoothing over rough places in your tooth’s roots to help prevent it from developing plaque build-up.

If the gum disease has progressed too far for these treatments, you may need Dr. Seth Rush, your periodontist, to perform other treatments like a bone or tissue graft.

You can prevent gum disease altogether by regularly brushing and flossing. For questions about gum disease, call Dr. Seth Rush in Kansas City, Missouri, today at 816-444-8822