Don’t Let Periodontal Disease Steal Your Smile

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Have you noticed that gum disease is affecting your smile? If you have been neglecting your smile, it is possible you may be experiencing signs of gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the result of an infection to your gum tissues. If you continue to leave it unchecked, it is possible for your gums to become destabilized and eventually lead to a loss of teeth.

To prevent this from happening, you will want to protect your smile. If you are unsure that you might have gum disease, there are some signs and symptoms to look for:

— Make note of how often you have bad breath because recurring bad breath can often be a sign of gum disease.

— Carefully check all of your teeth to determine if they are feeling loose, wobbly, or even have begun to rotate.

— Look for signs of bleeding when you eat or when you are brushing and flossing your smile.

— Exercise caution with any medications you may take. One common side effect of medication is dry mouth, which is a known contributor to gum disease.

— Keep an eye out for gum tissue and all corners of your mouth for signs of swelling, tenderness, and a general increase in redness in the soft tissues.

— Stop partaking in harmful habits for your teeth and gums, such as tobacco (whether smoking or chewing), as it can greatly increase your risk for gum disease.

— Inspect the length of your teeth to make sure that they are growing longer, an optical illusion as your gums pull away from your pearly whites.

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