Dental Implants Let You Eat All of the Nutritious Food You Want for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

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For those who have all of their original healthy teeth, they can easily chew and eat all the nutrient-dense food which strengthens and nourishes teeth and gums. For those who have replaced lost teeth with dentures, they may not be so lucky. While dentures can effectively restore your smile’s appearance, they cannot always restore firm function, and if they slip while eating, consuming daily healthy foods may be a challenge.

Unfortunately, denture wearers often resist social gatherings where eating foods are involved. Dentures might slip while eating and cause embarrassment.

Your periodontist, Dr. Seth Rush, is here to assist you with your healthy lifestyle, especially if you have lost natural teeth in your smile. Thanks to the technological advances with dental implants, you can once again participate in all of the healthy food you desire, with renewed confidence. If periodontal disease or injury have taken teeth from your smile, you can find relief with the help of dental implants.

Indeed, Dr. Seth Rush and our periodontal team have assisted many of our patients wanting to resume normal eating again. Dental implants can sturdily anchor your replacement teeth, as they are implanted directly into your natural jaw bone. Since the bone grows around the post as it heals, it will effectively secure the implant in place. Once the implant is topped with a custom dental crown to replace the lost tooth, your new tooth will be as beautiful and natural as it is strong!

Your periodontist, Dr. Seth Rush, is happy to provide you with the functionally beautiful smile you deserve. To find out if dental implants are a good choice for you, please call Dr. Seth Rush at Dr. Seth Rush to schedule a consultation. We can be reached by phone at 816-444-8822 or at our office in Kansas City, Missouri.