Bone Grafting: Helping You Achieve the Healthy Smile You Deserve

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Are you hesitant to smile in social situations because you have teeth missing in your smile? If so, bone grafting can help you achieve the confident smile you deserve. Dental implants can give you the teeth that you want, made possible by bone grafting if you have lost bone material due to periodontal disease or oral injury without the support of teeth to stimulate bone growth. Your jaw needs to have the pressure exerted by the teeth when you chew. When teeth are lost, this stimulation is lost as well.

To prepare your smile for a successful implant restoration, a bone graft procedure may be necessary. To determine whether a bone graft is needed in your case, Dr. Seth Rush will evaluate your smile with the help of X-rays or CT scans. If the result is that a bone graft is necessary to support a new implant, you will be encouraged to have this outpatient procedure.

First, Dr. Seth Rush will make a narrow channel into the bone so that a titanium post, or “abutment”, can be implanted. A titanium post is used for this implant because titanium is biologically compatible with your body. Eventually, the titanium post will integrate into the bone through a process referred to as “osseointegration.”

Once your restoration is completed with a dental crown, you will have the strong, beautiful smile you deserve for a lifetime. All that is required is a good oral hygiene practice coupled with regular professional dental checkups to make sure your teeth and gums remain healthy.

If you have questions about bone grafting and your smile, please contact Dr. Seth Rush and our team of periodontal specialists serving Dr. Seth Rush. We can be reached by phone at 816-444-8822 or at our office in Kansas City, Missouri. We look forward to helping you keep your confident smile!