A Jawbone Graft in Preparation for Dental Implants

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There are many reasons why a bone graft may be necessary, but perhaps the most common reason is to prepare a patient for a dental implant. Our practice offers two kinds of bone grafts to prepare for your dental implants: ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. Here’s a short description of each type of surgery:

Ridge Augmentation –You may have significant teeth and bone loss due to gum disease, dentures, birth defects or injury which have led to indents in the jaw and gums. Here we will restore the height and width of the alveolar ridges, or the ridgelike borders of the upper and lower jaws where your teeth sockets are.

Sinus Lift – Bone and tooth loss can also occur in the upper jaw by your back teeth. This is where your sinuses are located. Your sinuses may be in the way of where a dental implant is needed. For these two possible reasons, we may need to shift your sinus membrane up and fill the space with bone, strengthening the area.

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